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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 7, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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boards. all right. a totally different topic. hockey. finally, the national hockey league and its players have reached a deal to end a lockout. the 10-year deal with see the players share in income, drop from 57% to 50-50 split, and the salary cap would be lowered. the schedule must be worked out, but the nhl things that would play about 50 games. ile this makes my canadian has been happy end of the anadian economy, this debate reminds me of another recent fight, these guys. guess what. the may not have been a good deal, but congress reached a compromise which ago. never a good thing if you are worse at compromise than the folks on capitol hill. thatis my "2 cents more." that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. we'll see you record tomorrow.
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♪ lou: good evening. president obama today moving @%ward a complete overhaul of his national security team. the president announcing that he is nominating former nebraska senator jack cable, a republican, to replace outgoing defense secretary leon pantta. the obama administration homeland security -- rather national security adviser nominated to become the next central intelligence agency director, taking of the poster designed by general david patraeus after his affair with his biographer was disclosed. appointments follow the president's december 21st nomination of senator ohn kerry to replace hillary clinton as the secretary of state. the president is considering a new job for ambassador to the united nations susan rice.
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may become the next national security advisor if all the appointments are confirmed. we will have carried out an almost total revamping of his national secity team. >> confident that judge will be an outstanding secretary of defense and brennan will be an outstanding director o the central intelligence agency. may understand that we are only successful because of the folks up and down the line in these respective institutions. the folks on the ground who are oftentimes putting their lives at risk for us. d oftentimes removed from washington and politics. lou: some members of the party expressing consternation about his election because of controversial statements on the israeli reluctance.
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among the reason for that concern and in some cases outright opposition. seven of the 12 republican members of the armed services committee expressing some opposition wwith at least three senators already saying they wi vote no. senator david fisher saying, i will be a no-vote and on the floor. south carolina senator lindsay gramm calling hegel and antagonistic and in-your-face nomination to all of those who support israel. freshman senator ted crews of texas absolutely unloading while calling him too weak for the job >> it is interesting. e president seems bound and determined to proceed down this path despite the fact that his record is troubling. he has not been a friend, and in my view, the united states should stand unshakeable with the nation of israel, and he is consistently advocating weakness with respect to our enemies,
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with respect to the nation of iran, he has exposed sanctions, and thejob of the secretary of defense is to be serious credible strengt nd a deterrent and, unfortunately, i think weakness and a secretary of defense invites conflict because bullies don't respect witness. lou: the new minority whip of texas also telling fox business that he will not receive the support. both will need to garner a simple majority in the u.s. senate to assume the position that they have been nominated to. not one democrat as of this broadcast signal a no vote on either nomination. the president's second term administration taking shape as bells on spending, taxes, immigration, foreign policy all loom in the weeks and months ahead. former pentagon official, former reagan political director joining yes. pulitzer prize-winning journalist amongur guests
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tonight. joining us to assess what could be a contentious road ahead for the president's national-security nominees to my katie mcfarland has held nationalsecurity posts under three presidents and a fox these natial security analyst and a pulitzer prize-winning journalist judith miller. let's begin with you. the nomination here of brennan and, of course, of hegel catching some, well, this -- by surprise despite the fact that their names have been proffered for some time. >> the ewish community, representatives have let the president know they do not like this appointment. there is to not to do it, but now what is done. many of them starting to fall in line saying, it is don. some wl continue to oppose, but at this point you have to assume that senator hegel snds a good chance of being confirmed lou: : first to brennan, he has
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been purged of whatever his sins were under the bush demonstration by four years of service and the obama administration. any problem? >> there has to be some question is this a new form of american warfe, covert of syndromes? so i think some questions there, but the bigger fight will be over senator hegel. at the end of the day he will be confirmed commander think he should be. i admire the stand that he took. my problem is he is not a great manager, and this job will be all about cutting the defense budget and doing it in such a way that it does nt get the military. the second problem is, he is not viewed favorably by israel, and they are not afraid of him. if the united states and israel are on different pages on this in israel feels that it goes alone, they construct a military
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confrontation. it does not finish it. it tracks a send. lou: let me go back to this immediately. i thought of the name of robert mcnamara. we did not drin together, nor did i know impersonally, but he was coidered to be the boy genius running the department of defense and was a disaster in every respect. we talk about the vietnam war, the administering of the department of defense. i kind of like the idea, and i have to think it appeals to a t of people. and all sergeant step in their and start barking orders to the chiefs of staff. >> i like the area of someone who has een in the military. on the other hand, you really have to ask yourself, is he a manager? this is one of the toughest jobs in the u.s. government because it has real money to play around with. so, is he going to be able to manage?
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lou: you know what i say to that? i am, as you would probably guess, something of a fan of great management and leaders. i think that is probably one of the great problems, the great flaws in modern american government. amongst many. but we have confounded and confused the concepts of and management. this country desperately needs leaders. we are woefully inadequate. and to my do't know whether he would be the man to step up to do that, but i do know that managers, there are plenty. business schools are turning the model of this country. one more manager we don't need. ve us some leaders. >> here's the problem. whenou talk about mcnamara, and he was an absolute disaster. he went to the job with great hopes. the procurement plans. why was he a disaster? because the fall with the milita. i worry.
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you can go, but they will always do the end around the congress around it. lou: let us be clear. when we talk with the department of defense, department of health and human services or dealing with the same issue. structural, bureaucratic. and the bureaucracy, with you press them and green know whether you, you know, whenever >> or suspenders. >> or give them white coats, you're dealingith the same obstacles to progress, efficiency and productivity to me you're dealing with a mind set, and that has got to b wrested from the entire federal government. state government by state govement, but the federal government, that is tte challenge that faces every president and administration. generally they responded adequately. >> but he is skeptical. he shows that he asks a lot of the right questions which is much to his favor. what worries me is this ability
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to corral all of these different forces -- lou: the stock above forces that are difficult to grow. one is the government of north korea. bill richardson and eric schmidt are there for what? against the direction, advice, counsel, beseeching of the state department. >> with the state partment cannot look like it is sending these guys there because then it will look like a negotiation, t the secretary of bob gates had it right. we bought that horse so many times. i'm not sure. >> but right now there is a hostage. him being held, and bill richardson has shown that he is getting pele who disagree with him -- lou: my question is what is the chairman of global doing over there. talk about social media. >> revolution. lou: maybe that's it.
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>> frequent flyer miles. the long vacation. this is not the place that you go to test sip strawberry fridays at the hilton. lou: and now this occurs to eric's meant. thank you, bob. much more on the president's controversial security nominations. the upcoming nomination battles and the next on this broadcast. the overissue your back in court. the obama administration focusing on gun rights rather than mental illness and medication. the administration plans a maor assault on the second amendment. our live report. president obama's says spending is not the problem, even with four consecuive trillion dollar plus deficits. what is this president thinking? republican strategist ed rollins , pulitzer prize-winning journalist and could one joining us here next.
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♪ lou: the president has made it clear he likes the idea of high taxes. the speaker telling the wall street journal that he was stunned during close to-door budget negotiations with the president and the speaker telling more. the president at one point said to him, we don't have a spending problem. democrats saying they want to raise as much as $1 trillion in new revenue as we near the debt ceiling. the prospect of sequester cuts obviously facing us. the export -- expiration of funding. joining us now, republican strategist and a former political director, former fox news contributor.
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good to have you here. he says there is not a problem with israel or his record on iran. he is a good fellow ready to do a good job. >> i was struck by the president's language in nominating him, saying that he represents bipartisanship. of course, what the president means is he is a republican agrees with me. the problem is, he has no support among republicans, and i ink a lot of democrats will be troubled by some of the things as the said. he is going to have to put up the good fight for himself to when this. lou: are you surprised. the newly elected senator from the grace to the texas who is sort of out there even ahead of the other senator from texas, hn corning, just running away with this nomination. >> he is a very effective guy. he beat the establishment candidate in texas. a tremendous campaigner and will
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be there for a long time in texas. i think you will basically earned his spurs by taking on this fight and and a lot of esteem. i have known chuck hegel well. he is a friend of mine. lou: ted crews just got into trouble. >> not with that. there are a lot of things to disagree with. i can tell you, deputy of the reagan ministration, which i was a big supporter of, he fought hard or vietnam vets. my sense, independent voice, strong. he will have to defend itself. i think he wins i but i think he will get knocked around quite a bit, and i personally believe presidents should be able to appoint to they want. lou: and that is a time-honored tradition. is it another ploy chosen battle on the part of the republican party to go afte these nominees? after all, they will be doing the bidden -- bidding. the buck stops there. or at least it should.
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>> there has been a lot of smoke . they should that him. in the and if there is no disqualifying moment : just because they don't agree with them i think that is creating a litmus test. lou: it looks on -- off the on board. oregon republican and their own rty. they're going to meet the dickens out of him. sitting right there in the republican congress. he will be confirmed. and knocked down drag out fight. lou: hillary clinton back to work, e neighbor -- they gave
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for a football helmet in commemoration of return. she has had a rough go of it. what is the deal here? she has now resigned. she is back with her helmet. the woman has had a heck of a time and they're moving forward a fellow to replace her. >> it is a very strange sauger, the fact she disappeared and then, you know, kind of appears coming of hospital. the first picture for about a month. lou: a little over three weeks. >> a very strange sequence and it will be importa for her to testify, i think, for her future as well a the facts on benghazi. it is important for her to show the she is back and fully ready to engage again because right now there are a lot of questions about her. >> she only gets enhanced and has certainly earned a great deal of the service of the country and her administration and she checked -- tells the truth and becomes the truth teller.
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lou: she may be an enhanced. >> she is also unencumbered and can tell the truth and to a certain extent will be applauded by the president and the press. >> a cockeyed optimist. the fourth quarter earnings about to kill aain. the consensus expectation in advance of the actual earnings coming taking some profits. the debt tends industrials down 51 points, the nasdaq fell three points.
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there went back to their resolve to fannie mae. six and three quarter billion repurchase loans. bankamerica stock down $0.2. bankamerica and six other big banks agreeing to pay separately eight and a half billion. a lot of money sloshing around. selling charges of wrongful foreclosure. they pay helena's from 1,000 to 125,000. all take the one to five. that is why we are expecting to see. depending on several circumstances or to seize the home. the floating oil rig that ran aground off the coast of alaska has been towed off of the rocky shore where it was grounded the four resumes its trips offered to seattle. further inspect it.
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now, the weekend box office. are you ready? texas chainsaw three be cut down the competition's. defying expectations taking the top spot with 23 million. i don't know how to say this. came in second with more than $20 million. and heroic film about the union whites who worked so hard to free the slaves. not well at the box office. the promised land. a star-studded cast and plenty
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breach of privacy. we will tell you all about it. offering a rther blunt assessment of majority leader harry readintelligence, a sort of a tepid response from the senior senator from the great state of nevada. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge,
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♪ lou: staff at the new york newspaper that published highly controversial matters of local gun owners are now complaining that their personal information is being published on-line. that journal news presence says editors and writers have had their home addresses leaked information about where their kids go to school. she tells the new york times, as journalists, we are prepared for criticism, but in the united states, journalists should not be threatened. we contacted the journal is for comment on whether publishing the names and addresses of gun owners also constitute a
10:28 pm
potential threat, but we have not heard back yet. so we are looking for a little equity in the situation. we will let younow if we get it. we are just -- well, we are eager to talk with the management of the journal. the obama administration moving ahead with its plans. take guns away saying is searching for a broad comprehensive approach on harbor performing a second mendment. fox news correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> white house aides say a group led by vice-president biden, newtown connecticut tragedy taking a brought cprehensive approach. gun laws are onlone part of the issue. that translates to the president wanting more than simply reinstating a ban on assault weapons and high capacity
10:29 pm
ammunition. >> legislation that would close the many loopholes in our background check system. he believes that issues of mental health, education, for example, are part of this problem and need to be addressed as part of the effort that vice-president biden is undertaking. >> of some supporters say there are about freedom and control, it's not the answer. >> bad guys are not stupid, they're just bad. if their intent on doing something bad it will get a firearm and use it. >> they can also be used for protection. a mother at home with her twins fire her 38 caliber revolver when ex-convict broke into their home in the room where there were hiding when the man. the newly elected pro-second amendment senate democrat is worried about overreaching. >> said think you need to put everything on the table, but what i hear from the administration, that is weight in the extreme of what ithink is necessary or even should be talked about, and it is not going to pass. >> an associated press analysis
10:30 pm
reveals there was a huge increase in background checks for gun sales and permits at the end of 12. in colorado following the or a movie theater shooting in the connecticut after the sandy hook school shooting, there was less interest ibuying guns. other democrats suggest the time to act is now. >> we will not allow, and the public will allow the normal to be mass shootings every month. >> the top senate republan says there are higher priorities >> the biggest problem e have at the moment is spending and debt. that will dominate the congress between now and the end of march none of these issues, i think, will have the kind of priority and spending and debt are going to have a the next two or three months. >> white house aides say mr. obama plans to move forward e agenda in a timely fashion. leading republicans say in addition to spending and debt, jobs are another top priority, suggesting the gop is slamming on the brakes on the gun issue. lou: thank you very much, as
10:31 pm
always. our chief congressional correspondent. senate majority leader harry reid apologizing after saying last week that hurricane katrina was nothing in comparison to what happens to the people of new york and new jersey during hurricane sandy. his comments drew a sharp rebuke from republican senator david badger of louisiana. he, today said, we revealed -- he revealed himself to be, and i am quoting, and in the. before anyone can come to his defense, issued a statement saying he simply misspoke. and the supreme court says it will hr oral arguments in late march for two cases affecting gay marriage. the first case argued on the 26 the marched challenges california's proposition eight that forbids same-sex marriage and a set of california. the second is expected to be heard the next day is a challenge to part of the events of marriage act, if federal law that defines marriage is a union
10:32 pm
between a man and woman. a ruling expected this summer. demerits' legal and nine states and the district of columbia. controversial choice, the president's choice to the defense secretary's plan by some critics on the left and the right. senator chuck hegel position on iraq, iran, and israel could make his confirmation contentious. the 18 on whether he is the right man for the job. boots on the ground combat troops land in turke are we one step closer to being drawn into the serious civil war that story next. another obama ultimatum. the imperious president unrelenting in his spending plans and habits. >> o thing i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the tab for a bill that have already racked up. congress refuses to give the as is the ability to pay bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy to be catastrophic.
10:33 pm
>> the president does not want congress to slow down his free-spending ways. former cbo director douglas will seek an joins us next. ♪
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♪ lou: joiningme now, former director of the congressional budget office, president of the american action form, but this will secant joining us tonight from washington d.c. good to have you with this. we have hit the debt ceiling, so says the treasury secretary. i'm not sure where we are. is that right? every actually hit it? is the treasury secrery's speaking metaphocally in some way? >> well, running close to the limit and then the secretary of the treasury begins takng money from different friends inside the government.
10:37 pm
he uses that money to run the governments of the borrowing. lou: basically doing what millions of americans accuse him of doing, cooking the books and playing games. thateems to be pretty standard . i have to ask you this. why is it just now occurring to both the president and the congress of the yet to state that they should do something about this rather than say, oh, one month before the election where would have been beneficial , perhaps much of the republicans who seek prudent fiscal policy to have done so. >> certainly you want to get ahead of this problem. running against the limit d going through a series of special measures, doesn't make any sense to run the government. the end of this with been preferable, but there's no appetite for taking on the problem which is not the debt ceiling, but actually the debt. driven by spending, and we see
10:38 pm
no need i controlling spending anywhere. lou: your organization, the american action forum putting of clear statements about what the likelihood would be of the fiscal clef there's no mystery here. only to use his phrase, only an idiot would be unaware of the import of actually doing something meaningful, sensitive, and laing when it comes to deficits and debt. >> i could not agree more. you would have to live in a budgetary ntasyland not to understand -- lou: there is the explanation. >> that could be it. in fantasyland having a trillion dollars in additional spending commitments every year as a result of the explosion of the entitlement programs of the next decade. it does not matter, but in t
10:39 pm
real world it means that we c no longer finance the regular operations of government. we are late and my and -- interest obligations and had to to the next generation an conomy that is impaired and the huge bill. there is absolutely no justification for not taking this problem on right now and, quite frankly, if you are a person who is going to retire on social security into number 15 years you would like to see that program fixed so that it survives, and it is not going to we are not doing a good service to fuure seniors, certainly not to the nextgeneration. lou: let me ask you this. sequestration kicks sand and just under 60 days. that is -- unless they differ again. goodness kno, i'm sure there would not even consider such a thing. >> never. lou: the idea of cutting never $1 trillion, automatic budget cuts, why not just let that happen? one of the republican step away, quit trying to play big brother and parent to the democratic
10:40 pm
party and let the consequences unfolds before america's size? because this other stuff is not working. >> well, there are three bad place to do this and begin light. the battle lines are have the government shut down was just deprives americans of serices that they actually value in addition to the stuff they don't want. you could do sequestration, but you would take that out of the wrong part of the budget, never fixed entitlements, still in double the budget and explodes over the long term, or run up against a debt ceiling in and get a credit rating but not cut spending. in the and you have to pass bills that reform the entitlement programs. there is no substitute. lou: when i said just let it unfold, what i meant was sequestration, do as you well. i personally think the republicans signed up for an idiotic sequestration. they allowed the federal -- the defense budget to take up 50% instead of the 20% that it
10:41 pm
represents and the federal budget so it has a disproportionate burden on already. that was completely in ignoramus who came up without one. the second pt of the steel, they go around preaching about where or to have to do, this, that, cut. just let it go. just let it go and see what happens. because americans don't really get it. all the republicans look like a bunch of stodgy orthodox camino, members of an orthodoxy here st simply cannot resist saying no. if that's your idea, mr. president, it's your deal. let it rip. >> well, i men, if it were not for the consequences of letting this administration and the autopilot that we are on for spending representative, would be with you. >> frankly, there should be no fight about raising the debt ceiling, and there should be notified about the reality of having to control spending. there should be a fight about how we do it, and what i would
10:42 pm
like to see the people in congress do is engage in that fight. there was a time when elected members of the senate and house engaged in legislative debates abt the right way to fix problems, and we have not seen this said do anything in three years, and we would like to see thhouse give the senate a bill and have them have that debate. lou: you know right now, the democrats have not passed -- >> allow me my dreams, lou. lou: on going to, if i may intrude just a bit. that is to say that the democraticallyontrolled senate, as you know, has not passed a budget of more than three years and bought this year either in this rural to shocked. we are operating on a different level. secondly, the president of the united states is required to print a budget -- present a budget between the first monday in january and the first monday in february. he has not done so for three years. >> right. lou: i mean, this is -- this is a government right now, it seems in some ways, to be only one in
10:43 pm
name. what can we do about that? >> number one, one of the things you said earlier was americans don't understand what is wrong. that's true. they need to understand tha they are being endangered b the very programs that theresident plans is trying to protect. medicare is not going to protect seniors. it's going to affect care and bankrupt children. they should understand that and not stand in the way of changes. lou: for 45 years there have been told medicaid would do just that, byboth political parties. >> and i don't disagree. we need honestly serious amounts of public education, and that begins in the white house. that would be an enormous accomplishment. lou: i love the idea of starting in the white house, educing, i presume you mean, the president. and our senators and congressman. we thank you for being here to educate me. we appreciated, as always. thank you so much.
10:44 pm
coming up tomorrow, home depot co-founder, ubs chief economist with us to give us his outlook on this economy in these markets former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. stay with us. when we come back, the president making too big national defense, national security nominations. the "a-team" takes a look at the confirmation battle that lies ahead next. ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases,
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♪ lou: journey me now, the "a-team", pulitzer prize-winning jourlist, former clinton adviser, former deputy assistant to president bush. good to have you all year. let's start with the presidents appointing a republican, and the chief opposion seems to be coming from the republicans. what is that about? >> are you sure he is a republican? lou: a big old -- look, i think
10:48 pm
the problem, if anything, is comments obviously about the middle east. lou: refusing to declare them a terrorist organization, telling israel that they have to negotiat with a terrorist organization. there's a lot of trouble. but here is the main -- lou: referencing the israeli lobby. you guys are making me work hard. otnotes everywhere. >> the center has to be careful because he is not the appointee for secretary of state. he is the plenty for defense. if you're going to attack him, it has to be on things that are germane to the position is about to take in not get sidetracked by things that are not going to be within his bally. >> one might raise questions about his positionfor the arab war until he was against the surge. heas all over the map on that. lou: i think he may be a
10:49 pm
the secretary of state, john kerry, who -- well, he seems to the following elements are to marry what he was for and when he was against it. >> from obama's point of view, having a republican, even if he would be nominal, to the cuts in the pentagon that the outgoing secretary of defense, leon panetta, has sad are inadvisable, gives the president's political covr to achieve a goal that, i think, is probably ill-advised but certainly given the budget is a step the obama administration -- lou: being? >> cutting defense radically when the chinese and russians are increasing extraordinarily. lou: i shudder to think the expression political cover room we're talking about cutting the defense budget because we already have one charge of cuts that are fairly significant, an excess of 50 billion per year before sequestration. but at a time when the challenges that we are going to be responding to, i mean,
10:50 pm
political cover, what is necessary for the national defenc the national interest? >> well, tha is the decision that the president is going to make. the advantage of someone like hegel is with his republican credentials he can just sell it and say yes, sir. he is not going to be the decider. he will be the person to implement the decision. lou: we will be back and find out what john brennan is doing, the man who will be running the cia. what is that about? supply costs... down... ...and down. just use your maxperks card and get a case of x-9 paper for only 1-cent after maxperks rewards. find thousands of big deals now... officemax. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime.
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♪ lou: the president's appointments, i will dismiss them if i may for tonight only. they will be what ey wil be. the move to my favorite story of the day, senator david fische
10:54 pm
of louisiana calling the senate majority leader a complete idiot for saying that the people of louisiana, it was nothing for them, all about super storm sandy. what is your -- and me, what is your reaction to that? >> i think senator reid understood that he had to apologize pronto, which is what he did. you know, things happen. stuff happens. lou: he misspoke, he said, but he did not say that the charge was untrue. i find that fascinating. >> we have a situation where the president is not talking to the minority leader of the senate or the speaker of the house. we have harry reid and mcconnell effectively almost coming to blows. one senator is calling another one day he. and this is supposed to be our you know, shining city on the health. lou, the.
10:55 pm
>> and they look to biden to lead. lou: his back on the case. another assignment. would anybody have imagined that he would turn out to be the most effective amongst these folks? >> in the land of the blind the one-night is can. lou: as we look at what is going on with gun control, it is clear now that this administration is elevating quickly. it will be brought. they used the magic word, comprehensive, and they're going after, for it assault weapons, you name it. this will blow up in their faces , and you know it. >> i don't think it well. the republicans are in such bad shape that they will tighten controls imigration, back to the republicans, and a party that is literally so distracting as we speak does not have a credible response, and it has the nra fronting in a way that is not credible and effective. lou: says you. >> says need. lou: issing -- i think the nra has been exaordinarily
10:56 pm
effective. why do you say that? >> when you don't agree to talk to the vice-president and say you need armed guards at every school it is not seen as an effective -- lou: the american public. refining and schools all of these countries -- this country have armed guards, a policeman and then. and that is a revelation. what they have them? they havnot had those shootings. >> the president is using -- lou: with the exception of, where they had two security guards who could not get close enough, apparently to shoot. >> the president will use this tredy in sandy hook to try and -- lou: is going to exploit it. i understand that. >> a comprehensive gun-control legislation. the question is, d he has not said yet have details. the fact is, we should have a conversation, but the conversation should be held with mental ellis, the type of registration that makes sense. lou: mental illness, public
10:57 pm
health issues, public schools security and control at this time. with this gup, you sit there and speak into the camera, if you would. each of the americanpeople the you believe that the intellectual quality of the leaders in washington d.c. is such that you can trust your future and that of your children to these fine folks. >> we are stuck with what we have. that is for short. >> a people's representative. >> absolutely. and we deserve to have the conversation. it does not mean that we deserve the action the president wants to take. lou: i would argue, first, we not only deserved but have an important legacy, and that is of of equipmentof the second amendment. >> no question. u: those who would in any way bludgeon it. >> assault weapons when we have -- lou: because some fools seeking to stop the assault weapons will then to try to take every other weapon.
10:58 pm
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